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Local Cheeses

From our Deli Counter we are proud to sell a variety of British cheeses, many of which are hand made using traditional methods and come from small producers from across the UK.

Local cheeses

Berkswell cheese – a hard cheese made from unpasteurised Ewe’s milk. This distinctive cheese with its hard rind and firm texture is similar to a good Manchego cheese. It has become one of Britain’s highest regarded hard sheep’s cheese and is loved by many including celebrity chef Rick Stein.

Fowlers mature cheddar – Produced by the oldest cheese making family in the UK, this cheese is also used in the café for our sandwiches and quiches.

Fowlers Soft Bard – this soft fresh cheese is similar in style to a brie and is a particular favourite of ours.

We also stock a range of Award Winning Cheeses from around the UK.

Soft cheeses

Tunworth cheese – best described as England’s Camembert, is great for baking whole and dipping into with some crusty bread.

Waterloo – is a soft creamy buttery cheese made by Village Maid Cheeses in Berkshire. They use Guernsey milk which gives this cheese its fresh flavour.

Cornish Yarg – is a fresh lemony cheese which is wrapped in nettle leaves as it matures giving the cheese its signature edible rind.

Blue cheeses

Beauvale – a beautiful soft blue cheese with a mellow flavour made by the Cropwell Bishop Creamery in Nottingham, famous for their stilton.

Blacksticks Blue – this blue cheese is made by Butlers in Lancashire. Blacksticks is a disctinctive blue cheese, orange in colour with a tangy taste. It’s often used by our kitchen when creating daily specials for the café.

Colston Bassett Stilton – a creamy tasting cheese made in Nottinghamshire, the home of Stilton. This stilton is a rich cream colour with blue veining throughout.


Come and give some of these cheeses a try, and grab yourself a Great British cheeseboard! And remember we also stock a variety of savoury biscuits, chutneys and hand churned butter too!